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Home insurance

A comprehensive policy that protects your building and contents, and provides a free cover for your jewellery, and numerous other benefits such as the 24 hour emergency service. All of these covers can be purchased for as low as BD 20/-.

You can be a landlord or a tenant, and can insure a house, flat or contents.


why our comprehensive home insurance is ideal for you ?

  • Premium start from as low as BD 39.9/- per annum.
  • Coverage against:
    • Accidental fire
    • Domestic explosions
    • Storm, tempest and flood
    • Escape of water from pipes/tanks
    • Impact by road vehicles or falling of aircraft or aerial devices
    • Theft consequent upon forcible entry or exit
  • 24 hours Home Assist emergency services for Plumbing, Electrical, Lock smith or Glass work
  • Alternative accommodation or loss of rent cover for up to 5% of your total sum insured
  • Debris removal costs up to 5% of the building SI
  • Free coverage for your Jewellery up to a specified sum
  • Your property/contents will be rebuilt/replaced to a condition equal to its condition when new, provided you insure it for an adequate sum
  • Domestic Help coverage for death, permanent total and permanent partial disability
  • Riot, Strike, malicious damage and sabotage and terrorism can be added to your policy