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Life Insurance is protection against the risk of unexpected Death or Disability, more specific against the timing of such risk as Death is certain. To compensate against Emotional and Financial loss to deceased family, which may help in community welfare. It provides the following essentials:

  • Financial and Expenses loss
  • Security & wellbeing of Deceased family – Social Responsibility
  • Portfolio Management.
  • Controls Financial Institution loss & Insurance Cost
  • Insurable Risk
  • Low Administration
  • Aligned with Bahrain Central Bank (CBB) Rule Book

Types of Life Insurance

A. Individual

  • Individual Life Insurance for protection of family members (Level Term) or financial institution (Decreasing Term), which can be purchased on individual basis for different periods at different payment methods (Annual / Single).
  • School Fees Protection Insurance (NOOR) compensate against future education cost of deceased children up to age 18 years.
  • Daman Policy, is a special policy created against the Death cause by COVID19 illness.
  • Critical Illness Insurance (AMAL) is a living benefit, that compensate insured for fixed financial value in case of diagnosis for listed illnesses such as Cancer / Heartattack / Kidney failure.

B. Corporate

  • Group Life Insurance is for protection purposes of people whom have common interest, such as employees of company and/ or members of association. This is an additional benefit that companies usually provide for their employees.
  • Gup Credit Life Insurance for Borrowers in favor of financial institution for their outstanding due amount. This is a very important cover to meet social welfare and financial institution interest.
  • Ctical Illness (AMAL).

Life Department hotline contact number 37111733 for immediate response.

Critical Illness assurance is an important means to provide financial relief for persons diagnosed with the dreaded diseases. On one hand person’s earning capacity diminishes and, in some cases, lost totally while on the other hand, expenses mount on account of special care, diet and physical support needed. A family which faces such calamity requires every help to cope and deal with the situation. Critical Illness policies are vitally important as they support families and secure their financial stability during the worst of times.

Critical Illness insurance is relatively cheap and straightforward. You insure yourself for a fixed sum at the outset and the sum is paid out on the diagnosis of one of the 12 conditions listed in the policy.

The cover helps you maintain and protect your pre-illness lifestyle through the time it takes for you to recover. The lump-sum payments could be any way you see fit. This can mean covering extra health care bills, alternative medicine, business expenses, debt repayment, home modification or treatment abroad – it is your choice.

Critical illness assurance pays a lump sum on diagnosis of any one of the serious illnesses listed below:

  • Major Cancers
  • Coronary Artery (Bypass) Surgery
  • First Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction)
  • Kidney Failure (End Stage Renal Disease)
  • Stroke
  • Aorta (Surgery of Aorta)
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Paralysis
  • Coma
  • Blindness (Loss of Sight)
  • Heart Valve Replacement
  • Major Organ Transplantation

The Benefit will be paid only once, whether one or more diseases/surgery occurs simultaneously or otherwise.

- Sum Assured options available are:

  • BD 5,000
  • BD 10,000
  • BD 20,000

- Maximum period of cover is 5 years, after which the insurance can be renewed.

- Premium payment options are:

  • Annual premium payment.
  • Single premium payment.

- Premium start from BD 20/-.

- Claims are payable up to the age of 65 only (maximum age for claiming).

For more details, assistance or advice, please call one of our staff as mentioned bellow:

Contact Person Tel No.
Mohammed Al-Bastaki 17119879
Safa Ebrahim 17119874
Zainab A.Hussain 17119876
Salman Al-Madhi 17119990


Product description:

Insurance coverage for Individuals and Groups (policy holder) covering guardians / sponsoring parent on Annual basis (insured) against Death / Total Disability. Beneficiary is the remaining parent / child. It will help customer retention in case of adverse event where guardian / sponsoring parent dies

Indeed in case of Death / Total Disability, the benefit paid corresponds to the sum of future annual fees for the child’s remaining years in school until end of secondary (before university). We pay agreed compensation “We pay lump sum to the child remaining guardian” or to school (policy holder) and they relay to beneficiaries.

General Inquiries

1) Is benefit sum insured fixed for each year, or can be modified ?

  • Benefits would be fixed for each year but we can design any benefit structure depending on client requirements.

2) Is Rate is fixed as per student age ?

  • The premium per child is fixed every year for individuals.

3) How does agreed compensation “We pay lump sum to the child remaining guardian” works in the following cases ?

  • Remaining parent may need the cash due to financial burden of losing breadwinner. They may be expats who decide to leave the country with the cash. We can pay a lump sum, the living parent can decide what he wants to do with the money. An expat could decide to leave the country with the money.

- Premium start from BD 20/-.

- Claims are payable up to the age of 65 only (maximum age for claiming).