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Motor insurance

A comprehensive insurance with a wide scope of coverage and affordable prices. It includes the unique feature of life insurance and the newly introduced service of pickup and delivery. In addition, you’ll have the ability to tailor-make your policy according to your needs.


why our comprehensive car insurance is ideal for you ?

  • Third Party Liability Cover
  • Coverage for accidental collision or overturning, fire, external explosion and self-ignition, lightening, theft, impact of dropped or flying objects and damage during transit
  • BD 3,000 coverage in the event of the Insured’s natural death
  • Perils of Nature cover
  • Premium rate will not be affected by hit and run
  • Car replacement up to 7 days
  • 24 hour road-assistance services in Bahrain, GCC countries, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria
  • Agency repair for cars up to 3 years old
  • Pick Up and Delivery bundle of services

possibility to have

  • Riots, Strikes and malicious damage cover
  • Extended Car Replacement up to 14 days
  • Extended period for Agency Repair
  • Extended period for No Depreciation on Parts
  • Personal Accident Cover for the driver and passengers
  • Premium rate will not be affected by claims up to BD 500/-
  • Windscreen Protection
  • World-wide Emergency Travel Assistance

Insurance Fees

Transaction Fee Amount*
Motor (Third Party & Comprehensive)
Change in Registration Number 2 BHD
No Claim Bonus Certificate 2 BHD
Transfer and Policy 2 BHD
Policy Cancellation 5 BHD
Baity, Moeen, and Travel Policies
Policy Cancellation 5 BHD
* Terms and conditions apply. All Fees are excluding VAT and any other taxes.